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Embrace your creative light

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Hi, I'm Chelsey, and I empower & support Arts Professionals & Individuals seeking to align with their unique creative expression and see it come to life.

Through coaching, classes, consultations & energy work, I teach my clients how to open, embrace their creative truth & use it to move forward in full expression! Through a unique coaching process of tapping into Compassion, Curiosity & Creativity, I help clients gain clarity, reframe challenges and advance with confidence. 

My work is centered on the belief that we all have unique gifts to offer the world. YOU are unlike any other. Your expression is NEEDED now more than ever. Be daring. Be beautiful. Be weird. Be YOU.

Working with Me

you'll get...


 I see your Greatest Potential & Your Light

(And help YOU see it too)



I will meet you where you are, right now.

(One step at a time...

at your own pace)


 I use big picture thinking

with a limitless goal oriented process.


Self-exploration, growth &  creating is hard work. 

We need to laugh along the way! I'm all about the fun!


As an empath I 

I can offer insight and help you access & open to your own intuition


I AM an artist & have worked in many disciplines

(I know the challenges, I have experienced it first hand)

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Certified Life Coach
Life Purpose Institute, an International Coaching Federation Accredited Institution
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Get Started

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We are born creative beings. With every choice we make, we create. But sometimes we get stuck, doubt our abilities and lose sight of WHAT part of creativity lights us up. Coaching helps you access that part of yourself that allows for full freedom of expression, however you define it. Begin that journey now...

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