eiki Testimonials

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"My Reiki Healing session was life changing, something deep down inside was unlocked. A journey that I've been on for awhile now has been guided into the right direction thanks to Chelsey. Its always an honor to meet another lightworker thats dedicated to their calling and full of Beautiful energy. Thank you for a new life experience that truly broke me open to rediscover the alchemist and empathetic starseed that dwells in us all. We are Light.....We all Shine!" ~Favian

"Chelsey truly has a healing touch and energy! Her sessions are extremely relaxing, while remaining very intentional and thoughtful. I felt not only connected to her during the session but also more aware of myself; grounded and engaged. At the end of a session I feel wiped clean, like a blank pallet. We were also able to chat about what we both experienced during the session, finding incredible, exciting connections! She is a well of spiritual knowledge and loving energy."  ~Katie 

"I've had several sessions with Chelsey and after each one, I was crying tears of joy and relief afterwards. What she's able to do in that short amount of time is like receiving therapy and massage simultaneously, with barely a touch and not a single word spoken. Chelsey creates such a nurturing and open environment that it allowed me to release pent up negative energy and fears I had, which made more space for an overwhelming sensation of renewal and empowerment. It's like nothing else I've experienced." ~David

"Chelsey really helped me with some post-surgery blues - I left a session with her feeling less anxious and rejuvenated. Chelsey is a wonderful presence to be around. Her manner is calm and confident, and she brings a gentle sense of humor to her work." ~ Maggie

"Chelsey is an outstanding coach and has really helped me work through some blocks and stagnation that I was feeling in my life. She helped me make some short and long term goals to give me some peace of mind. She has a wonderful way of listening and guiding those she is working with to follow instincts and look for opportunities that are around them. My time with her was truly a gift and has been life changing." ~ Dennis

oaching Testimonials

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"Chelsey is an incredible coach. Not only is she incredibly relaxing with her warm and kind energy, she makes you feel seen and supported through every step of your journey. She is a true spiritual guide, combining her own inner tools and intuition with the lessons she's learned along the way to help and support you. She's also SO FUN and open minded. We found ourselves laughing often. She is truly an inspiration and a soft place to land. Will definitely be working with her in the future." ~ Katie S.