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Hi, I'm Chelsey and I am a creative. I have worked in various disciplines in the arts for over 20 years (from performance to producing) & each experience has been fulfilling in a different way. When I began consulting with arts professionals in 2014, I noticed something. Meetings turned into deep dives, creative brainstorming and empowerment sessions. These connections lit me up. I felt a profound spark of my own expression and I asked myself: How can I help others feel this way? How can I be of service?


Then, I found Reiki (or I should say, Reiki found me). At a pivotal point during the pandemic when we were all going within, I began the practice of Reiki. Reiki came into my life for a reason. It allows you to self-heal, self-discover and self-direct your life. It can reveal your deepest knowing & creative light by moving energy. I am honored to be a conduit of Reiki energy and to be of service. 

Eventually, I knew it was time weave together all of my experience and this led me to create Chelsey Shannon Creative Care LLC, a company that nurtures and supports members of the arts community as well as Individuals/ Entrepreneurs through coaching, classes and Reiki Energy Work. At the heart of my work is the belief that we are all unique creatives yearning to shine our light in the world. It is my job to see that beautiful light in you, and help you see it too. I am honored to help you discover the most authentic expression of YOU, unleash it to the world and align with who you truly are on this planet. It's time to allow your unique creative light to shine!


Chelsey Shannon has worked extensively in the arts as a performer, producer, production consultant and non-profit Director over the span of her theater career. Her most prominent leadership role in the theater community was Co-Founder/Director of The New York Children's Theater Festival, a non-profit supporting artists as they develop new theater for young audiences. As Festival Director, she oversaw more than 15 full scale productions over 8 years. As a producer, Chelsey has worked on numerous theater projects including: Walken on Sunshine (EP), which debuted at the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival; BEYOND (Dramaturge/ Director) New Feathers Reading Festival 2022; Character (Associate Producer) part of Prospect Theater Company's Dark Night series. She also worked as a Producing Associate with Gables Grove Productions working numerous projects including: Re-Usable the Musical (The Bronx Zoo) and productions for Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines. As a consultant for over 10 years, Chelsey has worked with many organizations, artists and producers in New York City including The 14th St Y, Harridan Productions and The PlayGround Experiment. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Point Park University and is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association.

Chelsey is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and a Certified Life Coach (The Life Purpose Institute *an International Coaching Federation accredited school). As a Reiki Master, she is in the process of studying to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. Chelsey has been coaching individuals with a focus on aligning with their creative gifts and discovering how they express and share those gifts with the world. 


Chelsey works in New York City in person, and virtually with clients across the US. She resides in New York City with her husband, two amazing little boys and their dog Tony. 

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I can't wait to work
with you!
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