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Help Save the Monkey
The New York Children's Theater Festival, Co-Founder & Festival Producer

My Mission as a Consultant...

I am determined to support artists and arts professionals that create and breathe life into the properties that make us feel. I am especially passionate about making sure that they have the tools, planning and resources to succeed in their goals. It is challenging to navigate the world of production and I am here to guide you, support you and make sure your goals are achieved with greatness, however you may define that. 

Areas of Focus

- Grant and Proposal Writing & Editing

- Production Planning & Timelines

- Basic Marketing: For Production and Theater Companies

- Creative Development

- Festival Production & Planning

- Budgeting for Small Productions & for Individual Artists

- Career Strategies for Performers

Self-Producing Basics

Various Clients/ Projects:


Walken on Sunshine 

          Executive Producer



Submit a form on my CONTACT PAGE to schedule a free 20 minute consultation via Zoom. 

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