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Reiki is best described as a gentle, relaxing, energetic embrace. 


In my Reiki sessions, my aim is to connect and facilitate the flow of this beautiful energy for the betterment of your greater good.  I offer in person sessions and distance Reiki. I also offer Reiki as a compliment to a Coaching session (which can clear creative or emotional blocks and release/ invigorate energy). Please connect with me here to schedule a session, learn more or ask any questions.

Reiki Treatment

Every living being has life force energy flowing within them. Reiki is the connection to a higher force, purpose or power (however you may define this) that guides this energy.

As an Usui Reiki II Attuned Certified Practitioner, I act as the conduit for energy to flow where it is needed most. During each session, I utilize the foundations of Usui Reiki, the Chakra system, crystals and intuition to direct the flow of energy where it is needed most in the body.


Distance Reiki - $44

In Person Reiki - $88

For Artists working primarily within their field, I offer sliding scale rates.

Please contact me directly to discuss. 

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